Leaky Gut

One of the most common (and one of my favorite) ailments to treat is leaky gut. So what exactly is leaky gut? Leaky gut is when dysbiosis (something causes an imbalance in the gut) that causes big proteins to pass through the gut lining. Our body views these giant proteins as invaders and attacks them. This leads to a whole host of issues like autoimmune tendancies, decreased immune function, a increase in allergies, brain fog, decreased metabolism, and bloating/stomachaches just to name a few! The power of the gut is remarkable and I believe is the source of healing. If you have leaky gut, you will always have struggles with your health. Lets talk about some of the causes of leaky gut.



Critters– When I say critters I really do mean critters. We can get parasitic infections, candida, and of course bacteria and chronic infections in our gut. These all lead to leaky gut. It is important to identify what possible critter(s) that you might have and get rid of them quickly.

Toxins– We live in an extremely toxic world. Toxins are all around and in fact we are even born with them. A study was done and babies born today have over 200 different types of toxins. Where does a baby get these toxins? From mom of course! It is so important to go through a whole system detox prior to conceiving. Once we enter this world, we are getting inundated  with toxins. They are in the air we breath, in our homes, on many of our cooking materials, and on our foods.

Stress– Stress can throw our whole system off. When we are stressed, we actually kill our strong and healthy gut bacteria. It allows for more critters to set up shop and unhealthy bacteria to grow out of control. Stress and excessive antibiotic use are main causes of yeast and candida infections. Here is a quick tip when it comes to fungal infections… if you have foot fungus, you have fungus in a lot more places. Gross to think about, I know.

Food Sensitivities– food sensitivities cause an increase in gut inflammation and lead to an imbalance in our immune system. Gluten alone in both people who have a sensitivity to it and those that don’t leads to the breaking of what are called tight junctions in the gut.I have a whole blog post written just about gluten. Check it out here!

Healing the Gut:

Glutamine is one of my all time favorite nutrients. In fact, I put a scoop of glutamine in my smoothie each and every morning. Glutamine is like a firehose on gut inflammation. If you are getting bloated or having frequent stomachaches, it is a sign that you have gut inflammation. I dosage glutamine pretty high and frequently throughuot the day. If I am putting a patient through a gut kill-off, it is crucial to supplement glutamine as a gut kill-off can dramatically increase inflammation.

Targeted Antimicrobials– It is important to understand what type of gut infection that you might have and to target that infection with specific herbals. Want to get a better idea of what critters you may have in your gut? Take this quiz

Identifying and eliminating food sensitivities. Food sensitivities can be super difficult to identify. It can take up to 10 days for our immune system to launch an attack that causes symptoms in our body. There are some really great lab tests to help identify food sensitivites and there are some lab tests that aren’t so great. Iif you are interested in food sensitivity testing, set up a virtual consultation with Dr. Mitch and he can order the top of the line food sensitivity test for you.

Adaptogenic Herbs— Ashwaganda, Holy Basil, and schisandra are a few herbs in the adoptogenic family. When we are going through a period of large stress, our adrenals can get easily fatigued or worse burned out. Adoptogenic herbs will help to rebuild your adrenals. At the same type if you are actively very stressed, adoptogenic herbs help to lower the stress on your body. How cool is that!?

Activated Charcoal– Activated charcoal can be a very powerful detoxifier. It is important to note that activated charcoal needs to be taken at least one hour before and one hour after food. Otherwise, it will absorb your nutrients. Activated charcoal works by absorbing toxins in your gut and can even help with diarhea. One thing to note about activated charcoal is that it will give you black stools. This is completely normal and should not be a cause of concern. If you have black stools outside of taking activated charcoal, you need to consult a physician.

Recommended Dosage:

1 scoop- twice daily mixed in water or a smoothie

Recommended Dosage:

2 capsules- 3 times daily.

Recommended Dosage:

2 capsules- 3 times daily

Recommended Dosage:

2 capsules three times daily

Recommended Dosage:

2 capsules twice daily

Recommended Dosage:

One capsule on an empty stomach with a full glass of water or as directed. Take one hour apart from other medications and supplements.

**Always Consult a Physician prior to beginning and new supplements or removing any medications.

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