Dr. Mitch Banke DC, MBA, CCN

Helping you channel your full potential

My Approach

My approach is simple. Give the body the tools in needs in order to heal. I learned very early in practice that as much as I may want to play God, the body is way smarter than I am. So, I became a master at discovery what the body is lacking in order to heal. I recently saw a poster that said “is your body deficient in antibiotics?” and I had to chuckle a little bit.  Please don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful for antibiotics when we need them. However, we aren’t really deficient in them. We may however be deficient in zinc and because of that have a lower immune function. Your gut may be lacking in the proper bacteria and so we introduce a probiotic. Give the body what it needs to heal and it does the rest. You will find this in every single one of my protocols.

A Little Bit More about Who I am…

I experienced natural healing and health through a hands-on approach in my own life and it captivated me. I have had just a little bit of education in my life. I obtained my bachelors degree in human biology at Northwestern Health Sciences University where I also completed my Doctorate in Chiropractic graduating Magna Cum Laude and top 5 in my class. After Chiropractic school I decided to go back to school to also become a Certified Clinical Nutritionist where I was able to learn advanced functional medicine, homeopathic, and detoxification techniques. Throughout my education I was able to travel the country studying from world renown health experts in order to bring greater healing into the lives of my patients. I became a certified cellular detoxification specialist, certified in functional blood chemistry, and completed certificates in brain chemistry,  and functional thyroid dysfunction. 

 In my free time you can find me playing volleyball, fly fishing, and spending time with those I love.


My Values & Beliefs

My Mission

To bring greater health and wellness to people around the globe through rebuilding nutrition and cleaner beauty. 

My Vision

To impact people lives around the entire globe allowing them to reach their fitness goals and accomplish what they did see was possible. To inspire those people to rebuild a life based on health.

My Belief

Health doesn’t have to be complicated or confusing. We have the research at our fingertips to prove that your body can be more powerful than ever imagined without harmful chemicals and substances.