The Big 3 for $4 a Day

Any easy way to get all of your essential nutrients in a day. Simple. Affordable.

Dynamic Fruits & Greens

 Dynamic Greens are a staple for my life. I am not always great at getting my veggies in each day like I should. They can take a lot of time to prepare and for a busy guy on the run… it isn’t my top priority. Dynamic Greens contain over 20 servings of fruits and vegetables in a single scoop and provide an incredible amount of antioxidants to the body to prevent cellular damage and to protect the body against aging. They work to alkalize the body assisting with detoxification and preventing osteoporosis. Dynamic Greens contain enzymes, probiotics, and fiber to aid in digestion. This is my all time favorite product


Everyday Essentials

Everyday Essentials is a simple daily packet bursting with nutrients for your body. It is easy to take with you on the go and gives you a super high quality multi-vitamin, multi-mineral, fish oil, and additional nutrients based upon your own bodies needs. Everyday Essentials is available in women’s, mens, active, and foundational nutrition. With a cost of a little over a dollar a day, Everyday Essentials contains a high quality phyto-multivitamin. Everyday Essentials also contains a quality guaranteed fish oil. It is crucial to buy only the highest quality of fish oil in order to assure that no toxic heavy metals are in the product and it has been sitting for a long period of time. 

Ultrabiotic Daily

I nearly always begin with healing the gut. The gut is central to nearly every single area of your health. Taking a probiotic on a daily basis is extremely important in maintaining what is known as your gut microbiome. This microbiome in your gut contains nearly 1,000 different species of bacteria. In fact, if you were to weight this bacteria it would weigh about 4lbs and contain over 100 trillion bacteria. You need to be feeding your gut the right bacteria. Research has shown that your gut health is closely linked to your energy levels, metabolism, mood, and even your immune system. So what would cause your gut bacteria to become off balance? There are a few main culprits… Stress, a diet high in sugars, toxins, antibiotic use, alcohol, and critters (like harmful parasites!) Yuck! Keeping that 25 foot long tube that we call the gut happy and healthy has to be a top priority. A probiotic a day can certainly help to keep the doctor away.