“Feed the Body. Feel the Difference. “That is a motto that I have truly modeled my life around. I was very sick for several years and had no idea why. I tried working my way through the medical system but came up empty handed. The following three principles truly changed my life and have allowed me to bring healing into the lives of others.

The first real change I made in my life when I was sick was altering the foods that I was feeding my body. How could my body be healthy, nonetheless heal itself, when I was feeding it ice cream every single night and fast food daily. In order for the thousand upon thousands of functions to occur in the body and for cells to even regenerate, the proper nutrients have to be there. When I changed my diet, it wasn’t an overnight change. It took some time to break old habits and establish new ones.

The first change I made was removing gluten from my diet. After about two weeks I started gaining more energy and mental clarity. I loved that I was starting to see improvements in my health and soon removed all grains completely as they can be inflammatory in the body. Just these two changes created not only physical healing but also mental healing. Through reading and studying about health, I learned that sugars and dairy are also inflammatory…so they needed to be removed from my diet as well. I said good-bye to my nightly ice cream and hello to frozen blueberries at night.

Throughout the next several months of my life I continued to make changes towards improving the foods I was eating and the quality of foods I was eating. I learned the importance of consuming pesticide-free, non-GMO, organic foods. I also learned the importance of consuming healthy fats to nourish my brain and eliminate some of the toxic fats I had been consuming.

These diet changes can seem a bit drastic, and they really are. Often times, we need to remove any type of inflammatory food in order to allow our bodies to heal. Then, we can slowly start introducing a few of them back in.

The second major change I made towards healing my body was introducing supplements and nutrients into my routine. It is no secret that our soil is not as rich in nutrients as it once was. The majority of farmers only replace three minerals back into the nutrients into the soil leaving it depleted in hundreds of others. Thus, our produce is not as nutrient rich as it once was. For this reason, I started taking a high-quality multi-vitamin/mineral and fish oils every morning. I immediately discovered that my body had greater endurance and energy. I also started taking increased amounts of vitamin D and vitamin C each day and found that I barely ever got the common cold like everyone else around me. Throughout chiropractic school, I felt as though I couldn’t handle stress quite as well as I once was able to. I started taking an adrenal supplement and largely attribute it to getting me through some very tough exam weeks.

The third change I made in my life was detoxifying my system. I used food and supplements to flush as many toxins as possible out of my system. I performed 7-day intensives, heavy metal detoxes’, and even bone broth fasts’ to get my health back to where it needed to be. My mindset has always been that if I am going to put a patient on a detox, I want to have done it first myself. That way I will be able to coach them through both the positive and negative side effects that they might be experiencing. It is never easy pushing through a detox. However, the benefits are absolutely limitless.

At one point in my life, I was literally barely able to get out of bed. I was able to bring myself back to life by making a few simple changes in what nutrients I was putting in my body. I believe that I was given a gift that I need to share with as many others as possible. The benefits of eating healthier foods, supplementing with nutrients where needed, and detoxification cannot even be quantified. Not only do those lifestyles support healing but they also extinguish the opportunity for illness to invade. “Feed the body. Feel the difference.” Live a life worth living.