Liver Detox

We all want to detoxify our bodies in order to live and feel our absolute best. Before I dig into how to properly detoxify your body and particularly your main detoxification organ your liver lets review a few of the symptoms that you may experience if your system has a high level of toxicity.

Symptoms of Toxicity:

  1. Fatigue
  2. Brain Fog
  3. Redness of the sclera of the eye
  4. Mid-to low back achiness
  5. A feeling of fullness over the lower right portion of your ribcage
  6. Difficulty staying asleep
  7. General “unwell” feeling

The symptoms of toxicity can be wide ranging. If you are curious as to whether toxicity is the root cause of some of the symptoms you are experiencing, sign up for a consultation with me (Dr. Mitch!)


Lets jump into the best and most gentle ways to effectively detoxify your body. 

Glutathione– glutathione is another nutrient that makes it on my favorite list. Glutathione is the most powerful anti-oxidant that the body is able to produce. Glutathione is also a pre-curser to a powerful neurotransmitter called GABA. GABA is a neurotransmitter that makes you feel calm and at peace. Glutathione is also a very strong detoxifier for the body. Glutathione helps to upregulated a detoxification pathway known as phase II liver detoxification. This process helps to decrease congestion of the liver by promoting the excretion of toxins from the body.

Selenium– Selenium is an incredible anti-oxidant and one of the most anti-cancer nutrients that we have found to date. Selenium can also be a very powerful detoxifier. It has shown to bind to heavy metals especially mercury and cadmium

Milk Thistle– Milk thistle is an extremely common detox nutrient and you may have even heard of it before. Milk thistle is another powerful liver phase II detoxifier. Many believe that it may even help with hangovers if taken before a night of drinking

Schisandra– Is an all around great nutrient. It is an adaptogenic herb so it is very beneficial for the adrenal glands and stress response of the body. Schisandra is also great at upregulating the liver detoxification phase I.


Dr. Mitch’s Recommendation: It is extremely beneficial to have a regular detox built into your lifestyle. There are two different approaches. You can either take detoxification nutrients on a daily basis (such as those above!) You can also do regular detox’s throughout the year. I recommend doing two major detoxes or cleanses a year. You can either choose between the 10 day detox (below) or Dr. Mitch’s Wellness Week!  It is important not to do a detox or cleanse that isn’t approved by a physician as some of these “cleanses” can be extremely harmful to the body. A quick hint is that a “juice cleanse” isn’t actually that beneficial for your system and can actually do more harm than good!


Recommended Dosage:

2 scoops daily

Recommended Dosage:

3 pumps held under tongue for 30 seconds and then swallow. Twice daily

Recommended Dosage:

2 tablets twice daily

Recommended Dosage:

2 capsules twice daily

10 Day Detox- Twice yearly

Recommended Dosage:

3 capsules twice daily with food

**Always Consult a Physician prior to beginning and new supplements or removing any medications.

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