One of the most important parts and certainly the most neglected part of a workout actually occurs before the workout. The pre-workout!

The top athletes in the world all know that they can dramatically increase their performance and get their best results if they properly fuel their workout beforehand.

I know many men and women who believe that they just need a quick shot of “energy” before a workout and so they drink a shot or two of espresso. This is NOT what you want to do. Caffeine does not actually give us energy. It makes us more alert and attentive to our surroundings. A small amount of caffeine prior to a workout can help athletic performance. However, too much caffeine can actually stress your body out, create anxiety, and burn out your adrenals. This can quickly lead to overtraining if you are putting in a hard workout and you will paralyze the results that you are hoping to get.

Another common issue I see at the gym is guys taking pre-workouts that contain substances that are against the rules and regulations of the sport that they train in and contain a lot of chemicals, artificial flavoring and coloring, and can be known to cause some very serious issues in the body. I can still remember when I was in chiropractic school I overheard a conversation between two men at the gym. One guy was hiding the bottle of his preworkout in his bag and the other guy asked him if it was what he thought it was. The one guy laughed and said… yeah, but I don’t tell anyone. The second guy said… you just have to be careful when you take it because in about 30 minutes you will need to run to the toilet. What this preworkout was? I will never know. However, if you are taking a substance that you recognize as making you sick… it is not a substance you want in your body! We all want incredible results and to look like we belong on the cover of sports illustrated. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your body for those results and I am here to tell you, you don’t have to.

What should you look for in a good pre-workout?


  1. Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) These little guys are awesome! BCAA’s are actually what are called proteogenic amino acids. Proteogenic is just a big fancy word for protein building. BCAA’s are the building blocks to building strong and healthy muscles and are essential if you want to maximize your workout and build more strength. Research shows that taking BCAA’s before and during a workout can help promote muscle endurance and recovery. This allows you to work harder for longer and get the results that you need.
  2. L-Glutamine- If you haven’t figured it out yet, glutamine is one of my all time favorite nutrients. Glutamine is essential if you are looking to burn fat and gain muscle because glutamine actually helps your body to do just that! When glutamine is consumed, it helps to build lean muscle mass by assisting your body in burning fat for fuel and not muscle. Many men and women are like me… it is really hard to gain muscle and keep it on. I try to get to my goal of eating enough protein in a day, but I rarely get there. When your body is hungry, it starts mobilizing nutrients for fuel. Glutamine helps in mobilizing fats and not the valuable muscle that we all work so hard to get.
  3. Alpha GPC– Alpha GPC increases energy (ATP) in the muscles allowing them to work harder and longer. Alpha GPC also helps to support muscle gain and athletic performance by promoting energy metabolism in the muscles. It is a win-win-win when Alpha-GPC is taken prior to a workout

Here is the pre-workout that I recommend. 


Dynamic Performance Drink

-Promote muscle repair and recovery

-Support for lean body mass

-Support for energy metabolism

-Promote overall health and well-being

-Non-GMO, gluten-free, MSG-free, and no added sugar or artificial preservatives

**Always Consult a Physician prior to beginning and new supplements or removing any medications.